Summer Skin Care

Skincare is important all year round. Despite this, your skin can need that extra protection from the elements in the warmer months. Even though we all love having a sun kissed complexion, our skin’s pH can get very confused with the concoction of sun cream, moisturiser and self-tanner we apply to it. There are a few skincare essentials that are vital to keeping your skin protected and supple in the summer months, whilst keeping our regime hassle free so we can enjoy as much of the warm weather as possible!

SPF: I know it may seem obvious but so many people forget to apply SPF to their face in the summer months! Even if you’re not going to sit on a beach for the day it is so important to wear SPF daily especially when the skies are blue. Some popular brands include Clinique; which are great for people with allergens/fragrance issues, Hawaiian Tropic as a cheaper alternative and for the little ones, Garnier Ambre Solaire do a great waterproof/sand proof spray. Always apply sun cream underneath your moisturiser/makeup.

Moisturiser: Even though your skin is naturally oiler in the summer due to excess sweat and the use of sun cream, along with it being able to preserve its natural moisture more effectively, moisturiser is still extremely important. The dry heat can in fact seriously dehydrate your skin so in the summer opt for one that is lighter and oil-free to allow your skin to breath after the excess serum/oil build-up from the winter months. Lots of moisturisers include SPF allowing you to double up and save money!

Facial sprays: A quick spritz can be a great way to freshen up on a hot day and the beauty market is teaming with facial sprays including Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir which is full of lovely oils and Elizabeth Arden’s 8 Hour Hydrating Mist which delicately hydrates the face. You can even do a bit of DIY and make your own facial spray using your favourite essential oils. By placing your spray in the fridge, it can make it even more of a refreshing treat.

Makeup: Makeup in the summer should be kept to a minimum. Most people choose to go for a tinted moisturiser instead of heavy foundation, with a generous amount of bronzer and a dusting of blush. Eye makeup can be kept simple and mascara is best kept being waterproof! By wearing less makeup, it allows your skin to soak up the Vitamin D and catch a natural tan. Keep up the lip balm in the summer as burnt lips are the worst.

By keeping skincare simple yet effective, you can enjoy the sunshine in the knowledge that your skin is being protected and nourished whilst keeping it in good condition for the long winter months of chapped lips and flaky skin!


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