How to Improve Your Skin Care Routine

Everybody’s skin can be temperamental but by paying attention to its needs and letting yourself indulge in some products and skincare tools to help you along the way, your skin will thank you forever!

There are 2 key steps which EVERYONE should know about when it comes to your skin care routine; cleanse and moisturise. It doesn’t really matter what you use, whether it’s an oil, balm or milk-based cleanser, just make sure you do it and it’s right for your skin type! You can even extend your cleansing experience by using a cleansing device – HoMedics have four styles of cleansing devices to choose from, all suitable for different skin types. Our personal favourite is the Deluxe Facial Cleansing Brush; this device provides 3D pulse actions with 4 brush heads, allowing you to tailor the experience to your skin’s needs. When it comes to moisturising, once again make sure it’s right for your skin type; very dry needs a boost of Vitamin E and C, which can be found in most moisturisers formulated for dry skin. Oily skin most certainly requires an oil-free solution to help balance the natural pH and fight off acne.

Deluxe Facial Cleansing Brush - Rose Gold

Deluxe Facial Cleansing Brush – Rose Gold

Top Tip: those with super oily and acne-prone skin, aim to cleanse only once a day; preferably after removing makeup. Cleanser strips your skin’s natural oils so over-cleansing will cause your oil glands to over-produce hence worsening the problem!

You can add in some extra steps if your skin requires a little more TLC, think about investing in a good exfoliant, toner or serum. These all have benefits to improving your skins condition; anti-ageing, deep moisturisation and removal of dead skin cells. Just remember whatever you do – exfoliate NO MORE than three times a week!

Looking after your skin once you’ve nailed the products you use should be an enjoyable and relaxing experience. Take the time to remove your makeup with care after a long day, giving yourself a mini facial massage as you apply each individual product, always working upwards to avoid dragging your skin. Take some deep breaths, engage with all your senses; it may even be the perfect time for a touch of meditation. To unwind further, steam your face to leave it plump and glowing. Use our Fresh Face Facial Steamer for deep hydration using ion-rich steam, opening the deepest pores for the cleanest skin. Trust us, you’ll want to stroke your skin for days afterwards!

HoMedics Fresh Face Facial Steamer

HoMedics Fresh Face Facial Steamer

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