5 easy desk stretches you should be doing daily

Spending long hours at your desk hunched over your computer is a leading cause of back pain and neck strain. If you can’t find time for regular walks around the office to keep your body moving, you can combat this with some simple stretches to try at your desk.


The Chin Tuck

  1. To keep neck strain at bay, try the chin tuck. This is a great postural exercise that helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles that pull your neck back. It might also make you look like you’re enthusiastically nodding at your to-do list because you just can’t wait to get started


    liftThe Lift

  2. You’ve completely aced your to-do list for the morning, so place your hands behind your head and lean back into your chair, extending your chest out in front of you. Maybe give yourself a little pat on the back while your hand is back there – good job!stretchThe Stretch

  3. We love this one. Like waking up in the morning or from a really good nap, you simply stretch it all out. Raise your arms and reach out in front of you, interlock your fingers and really pull that stretch. Then raise your legs up and extend your feet with toes up towards the ceiling. Man, that feels good.twistThe Twist

  4. This one isn’t subtle, you might get a few


    raises but, we never let that get in the way of a good stretch. As you raise your right hand over your head, pull your left arm across your body and reach out to touch the right-hand rest of your desk chair. Try it again switching sides. wiggleThe Wiggle

  5. We debated whether to call this one the “Friday Stretch” because we can’t help but wiggle with excitement when the weekend comes. Basically, whip out your best jazz hands and feet, then shake it all about it. This little number will loosen up your wrists and ankles that stiffen up throughout a daily desk job.

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