Best Skin Care Devices of 2019

Something to remember; your skin is forever. You are in the same skin for the rest of your life, every single day. So why do we neglect our skin and not pay attention to its needs? HoMedics have chosen some of the most important skin care treatments which you might find in your local beauty salon or spa and made them accessible for you at home. Make 2019 the year of great skin with three of HoMedics favourite products, ready to revitalise and refresh your face.

Cleansing is a basic rule when it comes to keeping your skin in its best possible condition and just using your hands along with a cleansing product, won’t break down all dirt, dead skin cells and makeup. HoMedics solution for this is the Pureté Facial Cleanser to revolutionise the way you look after your skin. The Pureté system combines multiple facial care technologies to give you the closest thing to an at-home facial, with 3 heads for cleansing, exfoliating and massage all under 2 minutes! This particular cleansing device works from highly effective 3D pulsations with 3 intensity settings (Low, Medium and High) to suit any skin type. These sonic pulsations are micro-oscillations combined with 9000 pulsations per minute in a continuous movement throughout the treatment to achieve a deeper yet gentle cleanse. This system allows the brush heads to work to their full cleaning potential with a run time of up to 70 minutes after charging. Another feature designed to provide you with the best possible clean is the ‘zone control’ system; spending too much time on one part of the face can lead to irritation so, HoMedics have added an audible signal after 20 seconds to let you know it’s time to move on.


Microdermabrasion might seem like an intimidating process, but with the HoMedics professional at-home system it has never been easier to achieve smoother and firmer skin at home. The Radiance Microdermabrasion in Rose Gold brings a salon treatment into your home with real results from real women, with over 70% having firmer skin after 3 weeks of use. But why is it so effective? Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure, rejuvenating skin using powerful exfoliation. Using a diamond tip, Radiance removes the uppermost layer of dead skin cells; this encourages the skin to recover and reproduce new cells. As cells repair, it stimulates blood flow, improves skins elasticity and evens skin tone. Using a salon grade diamond exfoliation tip suitable for normal and sensitive skin to exfoliate and remove dead skin cells, with 4 speed settings to allow you to adjust to your needs. HoMedics recommend using Radiance once a week and as a treatment only takes 5 minutes, achieving smoother and firmer skin has never been quicker or easier! It also comes with a charging base and is completely cordless.


Finally, the HoMedics Fresh Face Facial Steamer is the perfect final step to your skincare after a long day wearing makeup or in the gym. Steaming your face can make a big difference if you suffer from clogged pores or oiliness; light ionic steam softens skin to make extraction and cell renewal easier and restores the skins natural pH. It also allows regular rehydration of the skin which is vital all year round, especially in extreme temperatures. A 10-minute steam once a week can be the perfect preparation for the rest of your skin care routine, leaving you fresh faced and primed for exfoliation and moisturiser as your skin is more receptive to active ingredients.

HoMedics luxurious facial steamer delivers a super fine ionic mist to open up the tightest pores and penetrate the deepest layers whilst still being perfectly safe as not to damage the skins natural barrier. With temperature control, tailor the experience to your skins sensitivity. Heat encourages the pores to open and allows the ionic particles to penetrate deeper. Unlike most other facial steamers, the Fresh Face includes an adjustable nozzle that lets you find the perfect angle of up to 45 degrees, allowing you to sit back, relax and pin point the direction of the steam. With a run time of 15 minutes on a full tank of water (pure or distilled) amounts to the perfect time to steam and relax.


HoMedics can certainly say that in 2019 you are spoilt for choice on skincare products and devices but whether you require daily deep cleansing or a weekly decongestion, HoMedics skin care range has something for everybody. Wake up to fresh glowing skin every day and experience spa-quality products in the comfort of your own home!

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