The Old Truman Brewery, London // 10-12 May 2019

HoMedics brings you a new way to unwind at Balance Festival 2019.A weekend crammed full of opportunities to better connect your mind and body, so you can achieve the ultimate balance of life.

We’ll be there every day of the event, ready to introduce you to the full Homeditation, including: Ellia Aromatherapy and our Zen Range! Every piece of wellbeing technology has been designed with our mission in mind – to keep you feeling good.

As your body relaxes, we’ll be taking care of your mind too. Try the new STRETCH+PLUS with our guided homeditations especially designed to combine the magic of deep relaxations with mindfulness.

Come, experience, unwind and match the perfect scent to your mood with aromatherapy guidance on hand to maximize your diffuser’s potential at the Balance Festival this year!

HoMedics Zen Range Logo

The relaxing back stretching mat designed to release and mobilise your spine. Inspired by yoga, STRETCH+ PLUS moves you through a range of calm and controlled stretches.   

The powerful air chambers inflate in sequence, moving the spine through flexion, extension and twisting actions. Each treatment has been carefully choreographed to emulate spinal movements achieved in restorative yoga poses.  

Experience total relaxation for the mind and the body at our Homeditation Station.


Take a breath and forget the rest, Ellia is our range of premium ultrasonic oil diffusers and 100% pure essential oils. Our eco-inspired diffusers have been crafted using natural materials like bamboo and ceramics. Each and every one has been thoughtfully designed to add style to any room, in any home. Create the perfect space to unwind and let go.  

Paired together, Ellia diffusers and essential oils reduce stress, boost mental clarity and soothe your body and mind. We source our essential oils from all over the world, ensuring they’re sustainably sourced in their purest form. Meticulous as ever, we make sure the bottling process guarantees every individual seed reaches its absolute potential. Once harvested, they’re either cold-pressed or steam-distilled and then rigorously tested for 100% purity. We work with a global network of farmers, carefully and consciously chosen to ensure every region we pick from, will continue to thrive. 

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