5 Ways To Do Valentines

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Wow, it comes around every year, doesn’t it? Some of us love it, some of us shun it. But, there’s also no way to avoid Valentines Day! You can fall down the usual route of chocolates and roses that, let’s admit, are going to dry out and die anyway. Or you can spend the evening alone reminding yourself and everyone else that yes, you’re alone. Instead, you can see Valentines Day as an opportunity to simply love more.

Here are 5 ways to do just that:

1. Be Your Own Valentine

Love yourself before anybody else. Even if you have a partner, you are still numero uno on your Love List. You probably spend every other day together anyway so why not try this day to yourself? Treat yourself to a spa day at home and indulge in a huge box of chocolates – who wants to share?! Bae or no bae, surround yourself with self-love and spend it all on yourself.


“To me, Happy Valentines Day You! Love, me x”

2. Try a Valentines Yoga Sequence

A heart opening yoga sequence that celebrates every kind of love with stretches that open up and flow from the heart. Focused on keeping the chest wide to keep all that love energy buzzing in the right direction. We love that it’s not entirely focused on channelling romantic love but all kinds of love. What’s not to love?


“ommmmmm loveyoumumdadbenjerry ommm”

3. Make It A Group Date

Share the love amongst your nearest and dearest by getting a group date going. I have no doubt that even couples find Valentine’s Day monotonous. Like we established earlier, it happens every year! So how about suggesting a spontaneous group date? No BF’s or GF’s required.


“You… You said there would be crazy golf”

4. Send Some Love To Those Who Need It Most

…by volunteering! Amazing charities like AgeUK run “BeFriending” campaigns to help combat loneliness. Like Christmas, Valentine’s Day always reminds us how lovely it is to have companionship but, it equally acts as a reminder of those loved and lost, who might not be around anymore.


5. Simply Do Nothing At All

Yep, there is always this option. You can simply not buy into it. Walk right through that sea of red roses as you walk into the supermarket and head straight for the special offers in the sweet treats aisle.


“Weird that only the heart shaped sweets are 50% off…hm”


There are no rules for Valentines Day so, it doesn’t have to be a day to shy away from because you’re single. You should always be a single person, no matter what kind of romantic, platonic or bromantic relationship you’re in.

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